Welcome to MasterMix Music.  The music world is changing, posing more challenges today than ever before for artists who hope to get their music heard and earn the recognition and financial freedom they deserve. MasterMix Music is a record label devoted to its artists' success in reaching those goals—in fact, our success depends on it.  Our reputation is built on helping artists create the necessary demand for their music. Without demand, no artist can be successful. Check out our library of articles centered around your success.

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One of the benefits of recording with MasterMix Music, right here in Music City USA, is our association with the Money for Music Investor’s Cooperative. We help artists connect with anonymous supporters who can help to successfully fund your recording project.
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Financial Considerations Of Burning Your Own CDs

Which is cheaper — duplicated or replicated CDs? The answer may be a combination of both. It partly depends on how many CDs are needed, but also on the intended use of the discs. Let’s take a closer look at these two variables.

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Understanding Duplication vs Replication

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Optimizing the Outcome

It is clearly obvious when burning your own CDs for distribution that you want them to play in as many different kinds of players as possible. It is not practical or reasonable to expect them to play in every single player in existence. Some CD players simply will...

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Avoiding Problems with CDRs

The heading of this section sounds like an oxymoron, kind of like “How to Stay Dry While Swimming in the Ocean,” or “How to Avoid Conflict in a Court of Law.” That is because burning audio CDs in a computer that will actually play universally has long been a...

Our History

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MasterMix Music was started in 2000, but its true beginnings date back to 1964 when its founder, Daniel H Coleman, got his first taste of recording. Albert Coleman, Dan’s father, brought home a dictation machine that was used to dictate memos. Dan was so fascinated by the fact that sound could be recorded and later played back on that device that he became obsessed with recording at the young age of 8. At Christmastime that year, Dan received his first tape recorder, a battery operated model with little 3 inch reels (pictured at left).

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